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Industry equipment remote on-line monitoring Solution & Application

18 Aug 2020
Application: (For End User)

1. Equipment health management: With most advanced technology of iIOT, Real-time on-line monitoring,historical trend,intelligent analysis, prediction of hidden risk, equipment failure can be eliminated in the embryonic stage, the equipment health management can greatly improve the reliability and stability.
2. Energy Management: By accumulating large data of equipment operation plus optimization model, the energy consumption is evaluated regularly, the potential energy saving is scientifically identified and the solution is recommended,helping to achieve the best Life Cycle Cost
3. Equipment asset management: through the industrial Internet, comprehensively upgrade the equipment assets management level. The equipment maintenance on-line records can be queried and filed at any time, anywhere when needed.
4. Equipment remote expert consultation: Through iIOT technology, technical experts can provide remote consultation with high efficiency and controllable cost. In case of failure, accurate root cause can be identified, solution can be proposed immediately to recover the equipment operation ASAP.

Application: (For Service Org.)

1. Business Opportunity Management: Utilizing the most advanced iIOT technology, through the analysis of equipment operation data, screening equipment service needs, efficiently generate sales leads to enhance the business.
2. Energy-saving diagnosis: With the large data of equipment operation and the optimization model, the energy consumption is evaluated, and the energy saving potential is scientifically judged and the renovation scheme is recommended. 
3. Service operation management: through real-time data and historical data trends, improve the accuracy of equipment fault identification, selection of appropriate technicians, carrying the right tools, improve the one-time fix rate & reduce ineffective service job dispatch.

System functions:
1) Real-time data remote monitoring Via web and mobile (APP)
2) Historical data trend analysis
3) SMS/Email notification for alarms
4) Analysis (such as utilization rate, Loading rate) and simulation for energy saving potential & recommendation of energy-saving solutions.
5) Service order management and equipment maintenance record based on iIOT
6) Storage and management of equipment files on “Cloud”
7) Intelligent air compressor station management via DDCMS configuration on “cloud”


1) Data collection capability: All different brands and models compressors covering 90% of the market
2) Easy installation, high efficiency: data online in 10 minutes, no special training needed
3) High data quality: support high quality application
4) High data application value: with all kinds of proprietary models and large data analysis application scenarios, applications create value

Above-mentioned brands are able to be monitored by the remote monitoring system.

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